Designed with the look of legendary consoles in mind.

Need a lot of 19″ space?

COMMANDER-3 as pictured here has no less than 39u on board, 3x10u slanted in a comfortable angle, so your outboard is within reach in the sweetspot. Also the desk has 3x3u in the “meterbridge”. That’s very convenient e.g. if you have interfaces with metering. But COMMANDER is also available with two or four compartments, even with one. 

each COMMANDER is unique

A COMMANDER desk is hand-built in The Netherlands. The centerrack rests in the legs forming a ultra-stable basis. And that’s exactly what it should be, because if it’s filled up with gear the full weight will be considerable. In the back of the racks we’ve created cableguides so most of the wiring stays within the desk and out of sight. Below the work surface you’ll have plenty of room for your knees and also the gear will be placed out of sight.

If you have specific needs regarding working height, depth, the number of 19″ units, colours, materials or anything else we would be happy to adapt COMMANDER to your requirements.

Keeping costs low

Since we won’t build anything before we have constructed a plan together, there’s hardly any stock so we don’t have significant warehousing costs. Our workshop is in The Netherlands, so there are no high costs for logistics to deal with.

Plus, you’re buying directly from the people that make your desk, there’s no trade channel. Short lines, but that way we can keep pricing highly competitive. Our desks are often even more affordable than a desk out of a factory. Maybe not what you would expect from custom-built furniture, but it is what it is!