Minimalistic, acoustically transparent and fully tailored to your wishes

A solid base

The steel columnlegs of COMPOSER are filled with mineral wool before they are welded together. We do that to avoid ringing. Then we can spraypaint or powdercoat them in any RAL colour. 

The open leg-construction is intentional to avoid reflections, and the legs are joined by a central cabletray that is large enough to hold cables, table outlets, harddrives, usb hubs, power supplies and all the other stuff you would not want lying around on the floor. The tray has an open back so all the cables are easily accessible. The frontpanel is slanted to 12 degrees to avoid direct reflections.

choose your own layout

Every tabletop is unique, built to order and tailored to your needs. We have an endless variety from impact resistant HPL’s in wood- or uni-finishes to exotic veneers or solid wood. Length, depth and heigth is up to you.

Should you choose tabletop racks, then the back your gear will stick right into the cabletray so all the connections are easily accessible. The topracks (if any) can be wherever you want them to be. At the sides, left and right to the display(s), or centered for easy reach? And also the number of units as well as the angle is variable. Having said that, we can create topracks or build you rollaway floorracks that fit right underneath the tabletop.

Keeping costs low

Since we won’t build anything before we have constructed a plan together, there’s hardly any stock so we don’t have significant warehousing costs. Our workshop is in The Netherlands, so there are no high costs for logistics to deal with.

Plus, you’re buying directly from the people that make your desk, there’s no trade channel. Short lines, but that way we can keep pricing highly competitive. Our desks are often even more affordable than a desk out of a factory. Maybe not what you would expect from custom-built furniture, but it is what it is!