In the design of your new booth you play the leading role. That way your new investment will be a unique experience.

The idea for our SANDBOX Modular booths was born when we were looking for a modular booth ourselves. We quickly realised the available solutions were costly because of the use of expensive materials or production methods. Or sometimes simply because of logistics.

The alternative was to build something in a more traditional way using wood and plasterboard, but that would compromise the modular concept. These times the option to secure your investment becomes more relevant every day. 
Take it with you when you move e.g. Or sell the booth when the time comes.

So the challenge was to construct building blocks we could stack, but made with regular building materials. Therein lies the first advantage; it creates the possibility to vary in types of plaster, depth of the wall cavity, number of layers etc. That way we can influence the isolation, keeping in mind the floor load.

By using regular materials, we can also finish the walls like you would any drywall, e.g. with any RAL colour. And also the woodwork can be finished in any RAL paint.


Each booth is prefabbed in our workshop.and usually placed on location within a day. The booth can be easily be moved or altered if needed.


Your ideal booth can be full featured, designed to your specifications with the maximum isolation value and options like ventilation, airco and windows.

Enviromental friendly

We’ll try to take the environment in to account as much as possible. There’s the option of using natural products like hemp, cotton or flax. Or use energy efficient LED.

your workplace

For the interior you have a choice of over 80 colors of fabric. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time here so we’ll make it as comfortable as possible.

Your ideal workspace is, well, up to you

A professional booth obviously has to offer great isolation and excellent sonic quality, but the room has to feel good too. You’ll be spending a lot of time here.

We felt that last part did not get the attention it deserves with the available booths in the market. That’s why we have over 80 colours and fabrics that can be combined in even more ways. Walls and ceiling will be covered with cassettes filled with acoustic material. We can use mineral wool that is fixated in the cassettes, but you can also consider hemp as an environmental friendly alternative.

Furthermore we can integrate LED lighting in the ceiling. Also options like ventilation, electrics, cable management and airco are possible.

We can even build you a custom desk that fits your booth. Some people prefer an active position speaking or singing, and therefore would like to sit a little higher. It could be a challenge to find a suitable desk that would also fit into your booth, so having the option of customising one will address that.

After we receive your confirmation, your booth will be built to order and you can keep track of the proceedings. You can even drop by and visit so you can walk around in the booth. When it’s ready, the booth will be disassembled, packed and prepared for shipping.

If you prefer, you can always arrange for logistics and construction yourself. It’s not difficult, but keep in mind the parts can be fairly heavy. That’s why we offer the possibility to take care of that for you.