Custom-built stands for monitors, monitoren, keyboards and more

Floor or tabletop

Finding the right stands for your monitorspeakers can be a daunting task, in particular when you’re using large format monitors. And if you find them, they can be really expensive. Customization can be an excellent alternative, and because we build to order in small quantities we can keep Atlas really affordable.

What if you could just give us your ideal height and your stands are built to order, adjusted to your speakers’ footprint? And what if you can pick any RAL colour have them with a short leadtime?

Sturdy and stable

ATLAS stands are built from steel columns filled with mineral wool before they are welded tohether. We do that to avoid ringing, since steel components can resonate. Depending on your speakers’ footprint we can deploy one, two or more columns. ATLAS can be spraypainted or powdercoated in any RAL colour.

For Universal Music in Poland for instance we built stands for APS Trinity monitor speakers that were intended for horizontal use. Those stands are constructed using four tall columns in a custom height, with plates of 60x60cm. These stands are identical to the ones we use in Waterland Studio 2, also for Trinity monitors.

Atlas fits any studio

Wether you have a hypermodern studio or a classic look, ATLAS will always be complementary. And sometimes custom-built is the only right solution.

Take this studio for example. The legs of the desk were deep so behind the desk there was only very little room to place the speakers in the ideal spot. Using regular stands would place the speakers too far back. By copying the speakers’ footprint we were able to place the speakers at the desired spot. If you’re facing similar issues, feel free to contact is. We’re happy to think along with you.

Not just monitorstands

We all know keyboardstands can be wobbly, particularly with heavier models keys . That’s why we offer custom-built stands. Constructed from welded steel, they are super-rigid, sturdy and strong. And again; if you prefer a particular height, colour, size or you want to roll your keys around… we’d be happy to help!