The first chair in the world designed with audio professionals in mind

The ultimate Studio-chair

Ergolab is a Colorado-based company that have been developing ergonomical chairs for 35 years. All that research and knowledge now comes together in the Stealth series of chairs, designed with studio applications in mind. Stealth offers immediate comfort and support, but it was also designed to prevent back injuries in the long term.

They accomplish that by a patented system that causes the seat – and even the backrest if you so desire –  to tilt with your motion. In this video designer Steve Knight explains. Below we will guide you through the different versions available.

Stealth Standard or Pro?

The patented Stealth is available in a “Standard” version and a “Pro”. That term may lead to some confusion, but the difference has to do with the endusers’ length and weight. The “Pro” has a seat that is about 4cm wider and deeper. With that, the pro version is more suitable for people over 1,80cm and 90kg. Below that, the “standard” version is your go-to.

Both versions are available with both a high and low cylinder, an additional footring for the higher configuration and different sets of wheels for indoor and outdoor use. So it’s entirely up to you which configuration is best for you, all the parts are already in the box. 

Executive Backrest

Each chair comes with a comfortable lumbar support for the lower back. Optional is the Executive Backrest, which gives you even more back support. You can order the Executive version straightaway, but if you wish to upgrade your Stealth, the larger backrest is also available as retrofitted option.  

Stealth Performer

This STEALTH PERFORMER is really today’s version of the classic barstool. You can lean against it and it will support you, or you can take a seat and be entirely comfortable playing guitar or performing in the studio. But having said that, radio-DJ’s, live engineers and voice-overs may also prefer a more active position while performing their job. Performer’s got your back.